Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maintenance versus mission

As I was browsing the blogosphere, I stumbled upon a post about the difference between a congregation that is focused on maintenance versus mission. I fall firmly into the camp who believes churches are about constant renewal and outreach. This blog is one small part of our music ministry because I think it's important to move beyond just playing music during the worship service to being an integrated part of the community.

At any rate, I encourage you to take a look and think about the mission and purpose for which God is calling you: Maintenance vs. Mission

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  1. Maybe we can have both? We need to maintain the traditions and teachings of the Bible and the Lutheran tradition, yet re-interpret them in terms of the 21st century demands on our lives. I think it is too easy to say we only do one or the other. The real challenge is to find the appropriate balance between them. Tillich an other existential theologians have written about this, as has Obama's theologian: Niebuhr. Try Googling them for some ideas to add here.