Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Pentecost!

Remember to wear red this Sunday in honor of the holiday. It's Pentecost or Holy Spirit Sunday, and all of the service music will reflect that theme. The tunes of the prelude, postlude, and offertory will all invoke "Come, Holy Spirit." Hopefully they aid in your reflection this Sunday.

It's also the final Sunday of the regular choir and bell choir season. The bell choir will play the first prelude. I think the sound of bells is perfect to symbolize the Holy Spirit because the ringing has an inherently ethereal quality. Of course, it also helps that they play from the back of the church so the sound emanates from behind the congregation and reverberates through the sanctuary.

Pentecost marks a time of change in more ways than the end of the choir season. Our new summer services will begin - on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We'll have new liturgical settings to learn and sing. A different sound, a different time, and the ongoing theme of the Creed - I hope all of these things intrigue and involve you in active participation at Bethany beyond this festival weekend.

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