Monday, June 8, 2009

This summer we're asking ourselves what we believe by discussing the Creed. I'm a firm believer that if a sentiment or belief is worth expressing, you can find a musical theatre production that fits the occasion perfectly. The best theatre exists to show us the heart of humanity - what we share in thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. (That isn't to say the music belongs in a worship service, of course, just to mention that inspiration can take many forms!)

With the opening of the Creed in mind, I scrolled through my ipod selections and came up with just a smattering of thoughts. Sure it's a long list, but I could come up with dozens more, as I'm sure any of you could too with your own play lists. Hum along if you can, and make your own list of songs about beliefs and convictions. Let music from all possible sources inspire you every day. Leave a note about a song that rouses your spirit.

From Spring Awakening, the story of teenagers struggling through adolescence in a religiously repressive community:
"I believe there is love in heaven, and all will be forgiven."

From Hair, the ultimate protest statement of a generation:
"I belive in God, and I believe that God believes in Claude. That's me."

From Miss Saigon, a woman expresses her longing for her lover to return:
"I still believe you will return. I know you will. My heart against all odds holds still...As long as I can keep believing I'll live."

From Wicked, the musical that turns The Wizard of Oz on its head:
"I do believe my life is changed for the better. Because I knew you, my life is changed for good."

Last, from our old friends from a previous post, The Altar Boyz:
"One beam of light is enough to see where you're going.
One wrong turn is enough to lose your way.
One choice is all you have to make.
One ounce of faith could save the day.
I believe."

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