Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new password!!!

Wow, hello readers.

I logged in this morning to update my blog only to discover a rather scathing entry from yesterday, which was NOT my writing. To anyone who was offended or shocked, I would like to apologize. I immediately deleted the entry, since it was not appropriate for this blog.

My original password was imminently guessable, and my account must have been "hacked." I guess that simply demonstrates the potential danger of the Wild West Internet. I have, of course, changed my password to something much more secure so that nothing similar should happen again.

I know that emotions are high for at least a sizeable minority of Lutherans over decisions reached at Assembly. I have tried to maintain balance in my own opinions and certainly in my writing. When issues are contentious, it is especially important to remain civil and remember the primacy of community and love of our neighbors.

I'll get back to my musings on music and language, singing and liturgy, and there should be no more surprises here! Again, my apologies for the "security lapse."


  1. Thanks, Tom! I did not read the entry but heard about it. Keep up your good work - we respect your talents and your knowledge, and are glad that you share them through this blog and in church. Now, we know for sure - if it's something that doesn't look or sound like you, we'll get in touch quickly!

  2. I saw it but instantly thought that it was probably a hacker.

  3. While our initial reaction is probably outrage, we should remember to pray for someone who takes the time to read this blog but does not understand it. Rather, they are filled with emotions that lead them to un-Christ-like behaviors. Maybe we can ask God to help him/her during the time for silent prayers?