Monday, October 26, 2009

Reformation wrap up

On Reformation, the choir participated in a little experiment with the proper Gospel acclamation. That's the verse that comes in the middle of the Alleluia. The "generic" version is the one we all know from other settings of the liturgy: "Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." However, there is a rubric that provides an appropriate (or proper) verse for every Sunday to line up with the Gospel. Just like the prayer of the day, the hymns, and the sermon, everything revolves around the lectionary cycle and the scripture. It helps create and reinforce a cohesive message.

With all the special music that came along with Reformation and the choir singing at both services, it seemed like a good opportunity to try out the proper verse. You might have noticed that the verse that we sang included words from the Gospel lesson ("The truth will make you free"). We're going to sing the proper verse for All Saints' Day this coming week as well. Listen closely during the Alleluia, and please share your thoughts - Can you understand the text? Would you like it printed in the bulletin? Or would you prefer just to sing the "generic" verse?

To wrap up Reformation, I want to thank Carolyn (our guest trumpet player), the Rainbow Ringer (kids bell choir, who played at second service), and the choir, who generously gave up their morning to sing at both services. I heard from many people that the meditative prelude ("Berceuse" by Godard) was familiar from piano lessons in years past. I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, if you knew the piece. In general, I heard many positive comments about the music, which is always great. Your feedback and participation of any kind is always welcomed and encouraged!

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  1. Wonderful music on Sunday. The Chancel Choir, the Rainbow Ringers, the organ, piano, and the trumpet were all great. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.