Friday, November 20, 2009

Chancel Choir sings gospel

This week, the choir will be singing a popular gospel song titled "He Never Failed Me Yet." It'll be a big change of pace for us and an important part of hearing a variety of musical styles. We've been having a lot of fun singing it in rehearsals.

Beyond the musical style, though, gospel and spiritual traditions contrast with traditional Lutheran music in their text as well. Usually, the text is built around a repetitive chorus that allows for musical improvisation and a focused spiritual message.

In his book Church Music, Edmund Lorenz describes the style as "A sacred folk song, free in form, emotional in character, devout in attitude, evangelistic in purpose and spirit... These hymns are more or less subjective in their matter and develop a single thought rather than a line of thought."

We've enjoyed rehearsing the piece, and Lisa does a great job improvising the lead vocal part. I think you'll enjoy the anthem, and I hope it has you inspired to tap your feet and maybe even clap along with us!


  1. One of the things I have always enjoyed about the Lutheran musical tradition is the congregational singing, where almost everyone sings. Expanding that into actually moving to the music with our feet or hands can make the experience even more enjoyable when the style calls for it.

  2. I must admit we were nervous about having clapping and leading the congregation in such, but everyone jumped right in and stayed on 2 and 4!! What a relief.

    My favorite comment after today's service: "That was some good white soul."

  3. It was great to hear the choir sing with such enthusiasm. A real day brightener!~

  4. Loved it!! Almost had my arms in the air...Can we have more of that, please?

  5. the song was like the dessert course - delicious sometimes, but not good if its the only thing on the menu. thx for the variety and let's get back to traditional stuff next week ok?

  6. Nervous-shmervous! I was so excited to sing out with joy, laughter, and clap my hands to tell the congregation that I thank God for "all the dangers, toils and snares that He has brought me out. He is my God, and I'll serve Him." And that "I know that He'll keep you safe from all earthly harm." THAT is something to clap about!

    (Why do you people prefer to rmain anonymous?)