Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Glory Bound

On Tuesday night we held a memorial service for a dearly loved member of our congregation. Like all memorial services, it was a night of laughter and tears and joining together to remember and celebrate the life of someone who will be greatly missed.

This particular service included plenty of meaningful music as well. Pastor's homily reminded us that living a Christian life and sharing the Gospel does not have to be about words. Bill's life seemed to epitomize the well-lived life of quiet leadership and action that reflected a deep, personal faith. It seems appropriate, therefore, that more than any of the words that were spoken last night, it is the music that has stayed with me.

On this sunny day, as I hurried from my car to my classroom, I found myself humming the choir anthem. It is so apparent to me why Bill would remember and request such an upbeat song. That music now stands as part of his legacy and one more memory of a good man and member of our congregation who understood the power and the joy of the Gospel story.


  1. so good to sing hallelujah at a memorial service to remember that we are celebrating life eternal and to remember to enjoy our brief years together

  2. Perfect music for Bill's memorial service! And thank you Tom for the wonderful organ music.

    Joanne Sadlon