Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organ concert at Messiah Lutheran, Fairview Park

This week, residents of northeast Ohio have a unique opportunity to hear what promises to be an incredible organ recital. Cameron Carpenter will be performing at Messiah Lutheran in Fairview Park this Thursday night at 8:00 pm. He is an incredibly famous performer in the organ world today. He can perform melodies in the pedal line that some performers would struggle to play with their right hand, and he'll be inaugurating and showing off the church's newly rebuilt pipe organ.

Personally, I have a class on Thursday night and won't be able to attend. (Somehow I seem to have a class every evening all spring, which is a shame when it conflicts with great events like this concert!) But I encourage you to consider attending (call the church for ticket info). At the very least, you should take a look at some of Cameron's performances that are available online. Click here for one fun example from Youtube.

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  1. I enjoyed the clip, but won't be able to attend. I think Bethany's Worship and Music Committee should insist that Tom wear that outfit on Sundays!