Thursday, January 7, 2010

Concert reminder

I think that fellowship, participation, and a sense of community are vital aspects of a thriving church congregation. Clearly, my particular passion is to get people excited about Lutheran church music. I hope that every month there is something in the music that is a memorable highlight for every member - whether it's the chance to sing a favorite hymn, a prelude or postlude that stands out, or a choir anthem that you find yourself humming all week long.

For the same reasons, I'm really hoping that people will be interested in attending the St. Olaf Choir concert on Monday, Feb. 1st. Tickets are $25, and there is a sign up sheet on the bulletin board at church. The concert is sure to include plenty of great sacred music in a variety of styles. The night should provide spiritual refreshment as well as the fellowship of attending with members of our church. Please consider joining us. Check your calendar, and you can contact me with any questions.


  1. The 5 hirzels will be attending, where to we pay?

    also, RELAX already. You have blogged every day of your vaca, yes?


  2. Now that I have my Ipod, I listen to the St. Olaf and Concordia choirs often when I travel. Somehow, they sound really good just at sunset on a cold, windy, barren stretch of highway. Too bad you don't get that opportunity in metropolitan areas.