Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Alleluia! Christ is risen indeed! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, likely eating too much good food with family and friends. We are, as always, a post-Easter people, living joyously in these beautiful spring days.

I want to thank everyone who helped fill Lent, Holy Week, and Easter with such wonderful services: the choir, who sang superbly on some challenging repertoire; Cassie and David, for their beautiful solos on Easter; Tim, who enhanced our Easter worship with his trumpet playing; Linda and the volunteers of the altar guild, who did so much work during and between services; Pastor, ushers, acolytes...and everyone else I may be forgetting. It's amazing how many people put forth their effort to serve our church.

I've heard some positive feedback about this blog lately, and I really appreciate knowing that my readers are connecting with Bethany and our music ministry in particular. Your comments and participation are always welcome.

Since I've been asked recently, the way to add your comment (and read others' comments) on the blog is to click on the word "comment" at the bottom of any given link. But you're also welcome to converse with me or any member of the WAM committee anytime. We won't put too much pressure on you to join the choir, I promise, but we sure do welcome participation and suggestions in any form!

Once again, Happy Easter, and we sure hope to see you all back in church next week. Check back here to find out more about the music we'll be singing!


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  2. PS - I realized that I forgot to thank Sue and the Kids' Bell Choir for their participation at the 11:00 service. I think their performances often bring out the biggest smiles!

  3. A very uplifting Easter service for me! Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it memorable and meaningful. Alleluia, He is risen! Sandi Pearsall