Monday, April 6, 2009

Stan Hywet's organ

I'm expanding the definition of the phrase "around Cleveland" to include the Akron area. Perhaps that's a stretch for a local and "around Northeast Ohio" would be more appropriate. I'm still learning the geography and language of the area, after all!

At any rate, the Akron Beacon Journal had a nice article about the organ at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens. They're celebrating a major overhaul of the instrument and its return this spring with an upcoming concert.

Pipe organs are rare and expensive instruments. Outside of churches, they are only occasionally found in good working order in theatres or private homes. To maintain those instruments properly requires that they be played and maintained at great cost, so it is important news and a cause for celebration when an organ is restored. Too many of them fall into disrepair and are lost.

There are a number of unique and significant instruments around Cleveland: Trinity Lutheran, Severance Hall, Public Auditorium, the Masonic Auditorium, and now Stan Hywet Hall. I encourage you to go listen to them if you ever get the chance and to enjoy the fact that Bethany has a pipe organ of its own for us to enjoy every week.

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