Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One year later

It's hard to believe, but I've been the organist at Bethany for about one year now. I honestly don't remember the exact date, but I know it was mid-April. Today is as good a day as any to note the anniversary.

There were numerous musical highlights of the past year, including Advent Vespers, the Service of Healing, and of course Good Friday and Easter. It's been great getting to know members of the church (and choir in particular).

I was trying to estimate what proportion of the ELW we used in the past year. Assuming 70 services and 4 hymns each (both generous assumptions), that's 280 hymns out of approximately 650 in the ELW. Of course, we also sing out of the Bethany hymnal and we repeat some hymns. Chances are that even if you attended every service, you only sang 250 hymns - basically the core repertoire of a traditional Lutheran church.

The year ahead will be a chance to retain that base while adding some variety as well - a new liturgy this summer for starters. Post-Easter is always an exciting time to plan the remainder of the spring and summer and start daydreaming for the fall. Share your favorites and your own list of druthers anytime - that's the only way we know about them!

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