Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Assembly humor

I saw that earlier today the live closed captioning included a quote from Dietrich Bon Whoever. I love humorous typos, but I also wonder how many people in the world could tell you who they were quoting? Luckily, I think it would include most of the attendees at the Assembly. So far, debate has been both informed and cordial on all issues, which I hope is a good sign for unity no matter what decisions are made.

Today, they discussed the malaria initiative, among other things. One issue may be dominating the headlines, but the church is doing so much more, so many things that we can all support. We can only pray that the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do God's work while facing the challenges of modern life. Bonhoeffer certainly understood the forces of evil in the 20th century, but he wrote this hymn while in the concentration camp where he died:

By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered,
And confidently waiting come what may,
We know that God is with us night and morning,
And never fails to greet us each new day.
And when this cup You give is filled to brimming
With bitter suffering, hard to understand,
We take it thankfully and without trembling,
Out of so good and so beloved a hand.


  1. Dietrich BonWhoever is one of my favorite theologians.

  2. How fun that I sited him in my previous post, as he is one of my favorites also. Another favorite from DB is: It's not what you are, but who you are that truly matters.