Monday, August 17, 2009

Seriously, Assembly news feeds are addictive

I can't stop reading the live transcript, watching the live video, and scouring the web for Twitter and blog comments.

In the back of my mind amid all the divisiveness tonight is the hymn we sang the other day: "We All Are One in Mission." There is so much that unites the church, and music so often expresses it. The Assembly has daily services to remind people of communion and unity, the important fact that there are so many more doctrinal issues on which we agree than those few on which we disagree.

Considering the Creed this summer (and the power of the Holy Spirit) is one great example of doctrine that unites us. The hymns this past Sunday are another example. I loved hearing the congregation sing so strongly on the communion hymn "Let Us Break Bread Together." The sound of voices in unison singing about joining together - what a perfect expression of unity in the midst of diversity.

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  1. Among my favorite Twitter comments: Unity does not mean uniformity. Amen.