Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hymn sing

I want to be sure to thank Joann and Lisa for their leadership of the hymn sing this past Sunday in Pastor's absence. It's always a great change of pace to build an entire service around music and scripture. I was especially gratified to hear positive comments from the congregation about how singable the hymns were.

I can think of nothing more unifying for a congregation than to sing together. When I think back to Luther Crest summer camp or my time at St. Olaf College, the most vivid memories all seem to involve music. Consider, too, some of the most famous families in literature: Laura Ingalls Wilder's family sings together as do the characters in Little Women. There's a touch of nostalgia and simplicity in joining our voices in hymns - simultaneously listening to each other and proclaiming our faith. I hope everyone keeps singing loud and proud, as our closing hymn said: "Lift every voice and sing till earth and heaven ring!"

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  1. I think whenever families and communities unite to do things together, it turns out well. This can be singing, dancing, or just talking over coffee. Maybe we try too often to compete rather than unite. Sports are nice, but they are hardly as good at bringing us together as a song