Monday, August 24, 2009

Sermon from Iowa

One of the great things about Assembly is that it puts us in contact with other ELCA churches from across the country. In the digital age, that also means connecting online through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. One of my favorite discoveries is a blog by an ELCA pastor named Joelle in Roland, Iowa.

Her sermon this past Sunday was a thoughtful meditation on the ELCA as a family, so similar to Pastor's message from our own bishop's newsletter. I encourage you to check out her blog entry at this link.

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  1. I agree that this is an interesting and thoughtful discussion of the convention. It reminds us that the ELCA is quite true to the kind of democratic (small "d") ideals of this country: that we may disagree over the details but remain united as a country. In the past, we have struggled mightily over slavery, women's rights, desegregation, and immigration to name a few. In all of these, some churches took vigorous stands that may have been well-meaning but in hind-sight were really narrow-minded and bigoted. Historically, many people have suffered and died for things that seemed crucial at the moment but are now seen as trivial matters. Let us hope that as a nation and as a church we can avoid causing suffering or death for any of our members.