Monday, August 10, 2009

Church tour - the keyboard

At the picnic this past Sunday, I hope you all enjoyed not only the diverse styles of music, but also the diversity of sounds from the keyboard. I know sometimes it seems like the church has more instruments than one person could ever need with a pipe organ, a piano, a harpsichord, and the keyboard. They each have their uses and properties, however, and I strive to make use of each of them on a regular basis.

This past Sunday was an opportunity to feature the keyboard. The church's Roland Fantom allows for multiple sounds at the same time, so on some hymns you were hearing piano and woodwinds and pipe organ sounds. I could play the tri-fold Amen on a pipe organ and the Mozart variations on the piano - now that is a valuable resource for outdoor worship!

When the keyboard is indoors, it is actually linked to the organ with a midi interface. That means I can supplement the organ with any of the keyboard sounds, a huge boon to creativity and flexibility from the organ keyboard.

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  1. Maybe the proud father should point out that many keyboard players insist on playing only one of these: either piano, organ, or electronic keyboard. I think it's great that you have accomplished so much versatility, and have found the unique character of each to enhance the services.