Thursday, August 6, 2009

The church picnic

I'm writing this post a few days before our Sunday picnic, and the weather forecast is still not entirely clear. It looks like a hot weekend, with a chance of rain. Let's all cross our fingers and pray that we get a beautiful morning for our outdoor service.

Since I'll be playing a keyboard and not the organ, I'll get to play some of my favorite piano repertoire. You'll hear music from three centuries and styles. First, Mozart's Variations on a Theme of Duport from the 18th century. Second, Schumann's Fantasie in C Major will represent the romanticism of the 19th century, and third, I will play the 12th of Ginastera's 12 American Preludes.

Ginastera is likely an unknown composer for most people. He was a major 20th century composer from Argentina, whose early work often integrated Argentine folk sounds and whose later work tended to be more abstract and contemporary. The American Preludes were composed in 1944 in the middle of his career (he lived until 1983), and the music reflects both aspects with a rhythmic, dance-like motif in the bass and broad dissonant chords around it. The music may stretch your ear a bit during the offering, but I hope you enjoy the change of pace.

The sound is always different outside. There's no reverb and less sound from the organ than the keyboard. In the different setting, you'll hear yourself and each other in a new way. Don't shy away from it! Confidently sing the great hymns we've chosen, including a great spiritual "My Lord, What a Morning." Then stick around to enjoy the picnic!

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  1. 1) it has been a long time since I've heard any of the Ginestra pices - wish I could be there
    2) I'm reminded that the Puritans almost never used accompaniment. Singing with your neighbors is a great experience.